Boarding & Rate Info

There are many reasons cats need to board so why not board them at Camp Kitty! Our custom-built cabins are big enough for the most playful of cats to jump around, yet intimate enough for the most introverted cats to relax comfortably. At Camp Kitty your cat will enjoy all the fine amenities premium cat boarding has to offer.  Both water bowls and litter boxes are refreshed twice a day, every day, along with the love and attention of a cat adoring staff.

Minky at Camp Kitty
April 7, 2017

New Camper Info

All cats must arrive in a carrier. No exceptions.

Be prepared to spend 10 minutes checking in your cat(s). You will have to fill out the New Client Registration Form, review and sign the Contract and Flea Policy as well as present your cat’s current proof-of-vaccinations.  We will also discuss your cat’s feeding schedule, personality and any other current issues.

To shorten your time, you can fill out the New Client Registration form as well as submit your cat’s vaccination records via our website. Also, you can have your vet fax your cat’s current vaccination records to Camp Kitty at 404-937-6172 if you do not have them. Submitting a New Client Registration form does not guarantee a space for your cat. You must call or email to make a reservation.

Camp Kitty provides the litter, litter box and bowls. You should bring the following for your cat:  food and any bedding that will make your cat feel more comfortable.


Basic Policies

  • All cats must be at least 6-weeks-old.
  • All cats, older than 6-months, must be spayed/neutered and current on their vaccinations.Cats must me vaccinated for rabies and distemper (given commonly as FVRCP).
    FeLV vaccination is NOT required.
  • We do accept FeLV and FIV positive cats, though they will not be allowed to mix with other boarders.
  • We will not accept cats that have FIP, or any highly contagious conditions such as ringworm or upper respiratory infecton.
  • We will gladly administer medications for a $10 fee, but we do not give injections.
  • All cats must be flea free. If a flea is found on your cat within the first 48 hours of his/her stay we will treat the cat with a Capstar and charge a $15 fee.

Braveheart at Camp Kitty
April 5, 2017


1 CAT =  $22 a day

2 CATS =  $38 a day ($19 per cat)

3 CATS =  $51 a day ($17 per cat)

4 + CATS =  $15 per cat, per day

 Check out is 1:00 pm.  Cats who check out after that time will be charged for that day.  There is no set check-in time.  Cats who arrive at 8:00 am or 5:59 pm will be charged for that day.

There is a 10% discount for every 30 days a cat stays with a maximum discount of 30%. Cannot be combined with free days from the Frequent Boarder program.

Frequent Camper Program

The Camp Kitty Frequent Camper Program allows us to reward those who camp with us frequently. For every 12 days a cat stays at Camp Kitty their 13th day will be free. You don’t have to do anything; we will apply the Frequent Camper discount from the total bill on the stay for which it applies.

Please note: Free days cannot be accrued. No exceptions.