Are dogs allowed at Camp Kitty?

No.  Camp Kitty is strictly for cats. Check out Wagalot or Pets Playhouse for great dog boarding facilities nearby.

My cat requires medication, can they still stay at Camp Kitty?

Of course!  We welcome all cats that need medication, though we do not give injections.

What should I bring for my cat?

Bring your cat’s food and any bedding that will make him feel more comfortable. We provide the litter, litter box and bowls. You are also welcome to bring scratching pads/posts and toys (little toys don’t always make it out of camp). If you forget to bring food Camp Kitty has a retail area where we sell both dry and wet foods.

What kind of litter do you use?

We use Dr Elsey’s Precious Cat clumping clay litter.  If you prefer an all natural, corn- or wheat-based litter you are welcome to bring your own.  We also sell brands such as World’s Best, Swheat Scoop and Feline Pine if you would rather purchase your own.

Do  you groom cats?

No, we do not.  There are two highly skilled groomers in the Decatur area that we recommend:  Furside and Avondale Yankee Clipper.

Miho & Smokey
April 3, 2017

Are my cats allowed to board together?

Certainly!  Cats from the same household who get along are allowed to share a cabin.  There are times when some cats have to be seperated due to stress-induced displaced aggression.

Will my cat get to come out and socialize with other cats?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that cats are not like dogs.  When they are introduced to a new environment they are usually quite timid and scared and even stressed. If your cat is outgoing and playful at home that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be that way at camp.  With every cat that boards here we assess their personality and behavior before we let them out of their cabins.

My cat hates being in the carrier can I just carry her in my arms?

No.  You must bring your cat in a carrier.  We are located on a busy road, and that presents all sorts of dangerous possibilities.  Also, there are several cats who live at Camp Kitty and like to greet our customers and your cat may not be thrilled about that. Carriers are also necessary should there be an emergency and we need to go to the vet or even evacuate the premises.

What happens if my cat gets sick while in your care?

Should your cat become ill while in our care, we will notify you first and then contact your vet.  In case of an emergency and your vet cannot see your cat then she will be taken to either Village Vets in downtown Decatur or St Francis Veterinary Hospital just around the corner from Camp Kitty.